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Nick Halmasy is available for counselling services at Paul Brown Mediation.

Nick completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology, and then went on to receive his Masters of Counselling Psychology. He is a Registered Psychotherapist (Q), and is the Founder of After The Call, an organization offering free mental health resources for First Responders. He also has extensive training in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST), Mental Health First Aid, and Critical Incident Stress Management. Nick currently teaches at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough, ON, and also provides counselling therapy.

In his 10 years as a firefighter, Nick has extensive experience in the First Responder field. Having been exposed to many traumatic and stressful scenarios as a firefighter, he is able to relate to others going through similar challenges. Nick has experience in a wide range of mental health sectors including clinical hospital settings, crisis settings, Child Welfare, and more recently in the addictions sector; both with those struggling with addiction and their partners. He offers therapies that are tailored to the individual, allowing for seamless, client-driven sessions. From a strengths-based approach, Nick understands that regardless of Mental Health diagnosis or struggles, each individual should be able to continue to work in the field they love.

Nick works with clients who are currently struggling as well as those being proactive with their mental health, helping them to grow their resilience, and function as their personal best. This is accomplished through individual sessions, as well as community outreach to reduce mental health stigma.

Nick provides presentations and consultations on a wide range of mental health issues for First Responders. He has also written articles for Straight Tip, Utah Valley State University Fire magazine, as well as been a contributor to Uniform Stories and FireRescue1. Nick is also the author of “Mental Health Awareness for First Responders and their Families“,  available in digital and physical formats, and continues to write, research, and publish articles.

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Tel: 705.313.6266