Estate Mediation

Dealing with the aging or death of a loved one is challenging enough. Adding the stress of sorting out the estate can further complicate already heightened emotions. Estate Mediation can help resolve these differences out of court, and save time, money, and further emotional upset. It is a solution-focussed option for individuals who want to avoid the delays, stress, and expenses of going to court.

Using an interest-based approach (focussing on underlying interests and goals), Paul Brown Mediation assists families with the following:

  • Distribution of estate belongings not itemized in wills (ie personal effects and contents)
  • Dependent Support Claims
  • Claims for Services to an estate
  • Estate Planning

It is important to remember that the mediated agreement is not legally binding. Parties will require a lawyer’s assistance before, during, and after the mediation to ensure their respective rights and obligations are honoured.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties, the cost of the mediation is shared equally by the parties.