Voice of the Child Reports

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child indicates that a child who is capable of forming their own views should have the right to express those views in all matters that affect them. It further states that the views of the child should be given weight in accordance with the child’s age and maturity.

A Voice of the Child Report (VCR) provides an excellent opportunity to hear from children in a safe and meaningful way. It provides valuable insight into the perceptions of children as it relates to their life experiences. VCR’s are a concise document that summarize a child’s views and preferences around a specific topic. Adults can then use the child’s input when finalizing decisions related to the child. Oftentimes, topics covered in VCR’s relate to decision-making and parenting schedules.

VCR’s are recommended for children eight (8) years of age and older based on their individual level of maturity.

A VCR is not an assessment or therapy, and no recommendations will be included in the document.

VCR Process:

  • Intake Forms and VCR Consent Forms completed by caregivers;
  • confidential intake with each parent;
  • minimum of one (1) confidential meeting with each youth in each caregiver’s home;
  • additional confidential meeting with youth to review VCR prior to sharing with adults;
  • VCR shared with the adults.