Brown, 2018

Guide To Child Protection Mediation: Second Edition (Paperback, e-book)

Child Protection Mediation became part of the Child & Family Services Act in 2006. Since that time, many mediators have been added to the provincial roster, but it’s unclear how many remain up-to-date on the legislation, policy directives, and standards associated with child welfare in Ontario. This comprehensive guide is a useful resource to quickly access key points related to CP Med for mediators, workers, lawyers, and families…

Halmasy, 2016

The book is focused on providing pragmatic help and written for both the First Responder and the family in an effort to to create conversation around mental wellness. 


I am now offering internships related to Child Protection Mediation (CP Med). Although this is not a mandatory requirement to become a Child Protection Mediator on the provincial roster, I feel it is a necessary step. Those entering the field of CP Med need to have a clear  understanding of the process, and the clients with whom we work.






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