PAUL BROWN MEDIATION was established in 2009 by you guessed it, Paul Brown, with a vision of helping people through challenging times and difficult transitions in their lives. At that time, Paul was working in Child Welfare as a Child Protection Worker, and felt that he would be more effective at helping families move forward with their lives as a Family Mediator.

“Helping Families is why we do this work.” – Paul James Brown (Guide To Child Protection Mediation, Second Edition)

Paul recognized early in his “helping” career that by engaging people in their own decision-making, more sustainable change was developed. By becoming a mediator and then coaching other mediators, Paul has been able to help many families create better long-term outcomes for themselves, and more importantly, for their children.

“Families are about relationships; not the law.” – Honourable Justice Gloria J. Epstein


Guide To Child Protection Mediation: Second Edition AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

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  • Savannah and Tori are now accepting Family Mediation referrals as a team at a discounted rate. Check out their bio pages and contact them directly.


  • December 3, 2018 – Paul was interviewed by Irish Researcher & PhD Candidate, Rebecca Murphy with respect to the implementation of Child Protection Mediation in Ireland
  • November 2018 – Paul completed Level II Collaborative Practice
  • October 2018 – Paul completed Level I Collaborative Practice
  • September 14, 2018 – Paul was a Guest Speaker at Riverdale Mediation as part of their “Advanced Family Mediation: Theory & Skills” course.
  • June 5-9, 2018 – Paul attended AFCC Conference in Washington, DC
  • June 2018 – Paul was officially designated as the Child Protection Mediation Consultant for Blue Hills Child & Family Centre
  • May 10, 2018 – Paul was a Guest Speaker at Riverdale Mediation as part of their “Basic Family Mediation Theory & Skills” course. I’ll be speaking about the differences and similarities between Family Mediation, and Child Protection Mediation, as well as Addictions in Mediation.
  • May 3rd – Paul presented on “Child Protection Mediation: More Than Meets The Eye” at the FDRIO unConference in Toronto, ON. Focus was on the diverse areas in which CP Med can be utilized outside of the Custody & Access referrals typically seen.
  • May 1st & 2nd – Paul presented on “Child Protection Mediation Review for Front-Line Staff” at the bi-annual Provincial ADR Advisory Committee Symposium in Toronto, ON. Presentation was a review of process from CAS file opening to mediation file closure, highlighting the new CYFSA (proclaimed April 30, 2018), consent, and balancing power in CP Med.

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