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I went into the field of dispute resolution with a vision of helping people through challenging times and difficult transitions in their lives. I was first introduced to mediation as part of the settlement process following a 2002 motorcycle accident. So, I have first-hand experience of being a mediator and of being a client.

Prior to beginning my conflict resolution career, I worked in Child Welfare. This gave me the opportunity to implement Mediation, Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), and Solution Focussed strategies on an almost daily basis. I am also a retired (volunteer) on-call firefighter, and a current member of After The Call, a critical incident stress management team for First Resonders. All of these experiences combined have served me well in my dispute resolution career, as I am able to stay calm while dealing with crisis situations.

An Accredited Family Mediator, I received my Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Trent University. In addition to Family Mediations, I facilitate Child Protection Mediations and Family Group Decision-Making Meetings, and I am on the Ontario Provincial Roster for both. I also hold the designation of Specialist in Openness Adoption. The views of children are very important to me and as a result, I prefer a child-inclusive process.

“Families are about relationships; not the law.” – Honourable Justice Gloria J. Epstein



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  • June 5-9, 2018 – attending AFCC Conference in Washington, DC


  • May 10, 2018 – Guest Speaker at Riverdale Mediation as part of their “Basic Family Mediation Theory & Skills” course. I’ll be speaking about the differences and similarities between Family Mediation, and Child Protection Mediation, as well as Addictions in Mediation.
  • May 3rd – presented on “Child Protection Mediation: More Than Meets The Eye” at the FDRIO unConference in Toronto, ON. Focus was on the diverse areas in which CP Med can be utilized outside of the Custody & Access referrals typically seen.
  • May 1st & 2nd – presented on “Child Protection Mediation Review for Front-Line Staff” at the bi-annual Provincial ADR Advisory Committee Symposium in Toronto, ON. Presentation was a CAS file opening to mediation file closure process review highlighting the new CYFSA (proclaimed April 30, 2018), consent, and balancing power in CP Med.

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