We all have times in our lives when we need support navigating challenging situations. Although we have friends and family members available to help, Coaching is a unique process to consider.

Coaching is a confidential, one-on-one, and voluntary process, with a proactive approach to problem-solving. It is a goal-directed interaction with a focus on developing skills, knowledge and competence to more effectively navigate interpersonal relationships or resolve conflict.

With an objective point of view, Coaches are able to help you problem-solve, and provide suggestions on how best to move forward. Ultimately, you are the decision-maker and responsible for your own actions, but a Coach can help you think more critically about what is the best course of action, while maximizing your strengths along the way.

The Coach is not a mental health care provider (eg. therapist, counsellor, etc), and Coaching is not to be construed as assessing, diagnosing, or treating any known or unknown mental health conditions.

Coaching may occur in a variety of methods such as direct consultation (eg. phone, video call, in-person) or via email (including email review & editing).

Working with a Coach may have the following positive outcomes:

  • awareness of other perspectives;
  • use of creativity and logic when problem-solving;
  • learning new communication strategies to reduce conflict engagement;

With over twenty years of Coaching experience, Paul is available to help with the following areas:

  • leadership coaching;
  • workplace communication or conflict;
  • strategies to inform your children and family about your separation;
  • communication or conflict with a former partner/ other parent of your child(ren);
  • communication or conflict with extended family.