Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice, is a voluntary alternative dispute resolution process wherein you and your former partner work together to resolve your issues out of court, and with the help of your individual collaborative family lawyers. Collaborative Practice often involves the assistance of Family Professionals and Financial Professionals, and embraces a team approach. Collaborative Practice is driven by the philosophy of partners working together in an effort to settle out of court.

The Collaborative Process is a client-centred approach focussing on the interests of everyone involved; especially children. Because lawyers are present throughout the process, it can streamline decision-making and save clients time and money. With a focus on solutions and working together, families are better equipped to work together and solve issues in the future.

As a Family Professional in the Collaborative Process, Paul works with the entire team, including lawyers, financial professionals, the parents, and the children. Paul is responsible for leading the team through complex discussions with respect to best interests of children, and also managing emotionally charged conversations related to the family’s financial situation. Paul is also responsible for bringing the voice of the children into the collaborative process.